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Something About me...

Published on 29 June 2020 at 17:44

I just want to introduce myself to the people who do not know me yet. 

My name is Nassima Nejjari and I am freelance translator. I am an expert in international and cross-cultural communications.

Having grown up in a multicultural environment, I discovered early on my passion for languages.

I was born in Morocco (Where I learnt Arabic and French), then I grew up in Galicia, Spain, (where I learnt Spanish, Galician, Portuguese and English).

By the time I was 9 years, I could speak and write 6 languages. Since my childhood, all my teacher encouraged me to become a translator in the future.

During my early teenage years, I started interpreting my favourite tv programs and my family conversations, translation and interpretation were part of my daily life.

Some years later, I decided to learn my 7th language: German. So, I studied at the National University of Santiago de Compostela BA Degree in German and English Philology.



Having a multicultural personality is part-time nice and part-time so nice. I feel very fortunate. I had found my passion for translation as well as my vocation.

Today I am a full-time freelancer. This was the best decision I ever made because it has allowed me to do what I love – all day long. There is nothing I love more than translation and interpreting (it is like a full-time hobby for me).


Nassima Nejjari

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